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Oh Hey
These Guys

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Musashi no Bouken (Quest - Famicom - 1990)


Musashi no Bouken (Quest - Famicom - 1990)


I really really hate that pay is such a universally taboo subject (in the States, anyway). It’s something whose only effects are (1) to (relatively) benefit people who are good negotiators, even when negotiation has nothing to do with the job; and (2) to allow employers to unilaterally underpay their employees. It’s one of those social conventions that people never think twice about, because if they did, they’d realize just how scummy of a convention it really is.

Jobs suck! This is just one reason why. (Not to say that working is bad, but like, the social construction of a job, I’ve never liked it.) Also, can you tell that I am not a good negotiator? Is this something a good negotiator would bother complaining about?


In the not-too-distant future,

somewhere in time and space…

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July 21st is the day that Mario Tennis for the N64 was released in japan, and it also marks the first appearance of Waluigi!

Happy birthday Waluigi!


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 The Outer Space Men Action Figures (1968)

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This means something. This is important.

Holy shit, I just got to the Crocodile Rock/Chop Suey mashup and this is a sentence I could never have imagined typing, not even in my wildest dreams or most aberrant nightmares.

You listen to Crocodile Chop and you do it right goddamn now.